Include These Important Emergency Kit Items For Good Home Security

When putting together an emergency kit for your family, everybody knows to include the standard battery operated radio, flashlight, and extra batteries. Things like nonperishable foods and bottled water are no brainers. Throwing in a rain jacket or waterproof sleeping bag for good measure might seem like overkill, but most people do it just in case. The truth is, that to maintain good home security during a disaster, it takes more than throwing some items together in a bin in the garage and installing a home security system. Being truly prepared for a disaster means having the resources put together to fend for your family’s life for a period of 3 days to a week. Even if you believe you live in an urban area that could never be that far away from help, Mother Nature has quite an imagination. Instead of waiting to find out first hand a situation in which you might need it, put together an emergency survival kit today.

Of course it’s important to include the staples too, but don’t forget some of these often left out but extremely necessary items.

Medications. Many people take a prescription medication every day that they need to stay physically or mentally healthy. This applies especially to older adults. Whether your child needs an inhaler for his or her asthma, or your elderly relative needs a high blood pressure medication, consider that in a disaster situation tensions will be at their highest, an physical strain at its worst. This means that the consequences of going without such prescriptions can be damaging, if not fatal. Don’t assume you will be able to access medications around the house. Leave enough for several days in your home security disaster kit.

Baby Supplies. If you have an infant don’t forget to include items like diapers, powdered milk or formula, medications, and bottles in with the disaster kit. Include special blankets and clothing for baby and some kind of carrier. The family may be required to move from the area on foot, and having a clean carrier easily accessible can make all the difference when escaping a disaster area.

Glasses or Contact Lenses. People that have a lot of trouble seeing without the assistance of glasses or contact lenses should always store extras with the emergency kit. During an emergency you may be the person everyone looks to, to maintain home security. If you are incapacitated due to your poor vision, you may be risking the safety of everyone around you.

Entertainment. While you may think the last thing anyone wants to do in a disaster situation is play a game or read a book, many disaster victims cite the worst part of the disaster as waiting to be rescued. The wait can be excruciating, especially for children, if there is nothing to do. This can lead to panic, and poorly thought out and potentially life threatening escape attempts. Instead, pack a few board games, books, magazines, and a deck of cards.

Pet Supplies. Not having anything to feed Fido after a few days can start to put everyone in the family on edge, as well as cause your pet to suffer. Keep some pet food and supplies like a leash handy with the disaster kit.

Wireless Memory Card Home Security System

Sometimes when a family purchases a security system, you just don’t know what you get. As the salesperson goes over all the features, most of the time we all are thinking about the price. Unfortunately, when it comes to these products, you get what you paid for and even more of a reason why you should be sure to look at a wireless memory card home security system.

While the cost is surprisingly low, it’s the extra features that set this security system apart from all the rest. It has the obvious ones like keeping you safe at home, but when you have a wireless option, you are guaranteed to get more than what you bargained for when you purchase it. Here’s a short list of benefits you’ll gain with a wireless memory card home security system.

The Sensory

Anytime you have one of these security systems, the sensory is unmatched by any other. It is all set up with sound, so if someone breaks a window on the back door, knocks over the garbage can, or even falls down your wireless memory card home security system is sure to pick up on it. It’s basically the kind of security that homeowners need to keep their family safe from unexpected events.

Using Cameras

Even though many people don’t feel the need to get cameras involved in their security system, the option is available. If you land one of these innovations you’ll enjoy added features that many other systems can accompany with their product. A great example is if you’re hearing something outside, but don’t want to chance putting yourself into harm’s way, there is a remote you can use to access the cameras.

What makes the wireless memory card home security system different from all the rest, is the memory card. It allows you to save pictures of any of the events that take place. This way when you call the local authorities, they can use the information found on the card as evidence to take the intruder to jail. It’s a win/win situation and one that you probably won’t want to pass up.

No Installing Issues

Unlike those old security systems, these are full of wires you need to place around the house, under mulch, or running along the cutters. The easy way to explain it is it’s just like with your home computer. Instead of finding places to hide that Ethernet cable and power supply strips, you can go wireless and access the Internet anywhere in the house. You probably get the idea.

Deciding What’s Safe

So when you’re searching for more information on the wireless memory card home security system, think about all the benefits you’ll gain from putting one in your home. Surprisingly, they aren’t much more than those older versions, so not only will you get the best protection possible, but you’ll be able to keep your family safe and save money at the same time.

Home Security – What Are the Options to Keep Me Safe From Harm and Which is Best?

Crime is rising rapidly in recent times, mainly due to the economic uncertainty as more and more people lose their jobs. So, what options are there with regards to security in the home? Investing in security for the home is one of the smartest things you can do to not only improve your peace of mind, but to prevent all what you have worked for being stolen within minutes. Let’s look at the various options available.

There are both indoor and outdoor type home security systems and each work in a slightly different way. An outdoor security system will watch over the perimeter of your property. It can trigger flood lights or alarms if it detects any unauthorized movement within your grounds. An indoor security system monitors doors, windows and can detect movement inside the property. If it detects the movement of any of the above it will trigger an alarm.

For additional peace of mind consider adding closed circuit TV cameras (CCTV) to the exterior of your property. Video evidence of an attempted break-in will be sure to convict the intruder in a court of law – no-one can dispute photographic or video evidence. Wireless surveillance cameras are becoming popular and more affordable and are very straightforward to install. In fact, the homeowner can easily install a wireless security system in a couple of hours.

For security in an apartment, go for a special access key card as these are only given to residents. This system provides a controlled access to floors and is typically maintained by a building administrator. Talk to your landlord to pursue this option of security.

For your home alarm system you can opt to sign up with a monitoring company who will be constantly monitored your alarm system 24 hours a day. If your alarm system is triggered then they can arrange for the most appropriate emergency service to attend your property to deal with the emergency.

Knowing the different types of home security system available in the market can significantly help the home owner make a decision on which is the best security system for the home. Home owners are advised to the compare prices features and first before purchasing and installing home security for their household.